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Ok this is is kind of a loud statement, I know. I’m not a member of any religion nor I want to convert anybody’s faith in the tools they choose, a highly subjective matter indeed . I just happen to feel enchanted by this editor which runs in all platforms, is totally flexible and configurable. Emacs bears a lot of history in its back -which turns it into one of the most ancient, more mature pieces of software there exists. It was coded by the genius work of Richard Stallman, father of the Free Software Foundation, a key figure in shaping the digital era as we know it today.

For me, having a windows background, starting to use emacs felt kind of awkward at the beginning. Due to some kind of inertia I was rather content with Dreamweaver and didn’t even know how much I was missing from a more powerful editor. Getting familiar with emacs (which I now use under Windows and Unix) took some dedication. A selling argument for me was the idea that picking the right editor was a lifetime investment (Steve Yegge in one of his eloquent posts). Anyway there’s something both exciting and challenging in getting the most out this program will such versatility and power to be discovered and mastered.