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Two essential copy/paste  I sometimes need while interacting with unix vim in windows

  • to paste on Vim from a selection done in the clipboard: Ctrl + mouse right click (in insertion mode)
  • to copy from Vim:¬† select text (by highlighting it with the mouse), press the middle mouse button to paste.

Forced to partially use vim at my new position (the sysadmin didn’t have time to install emacs for me there yet on the main server) I started practicing to get minimally proficient with the modal editing environment of vi, which is present in every distribution or flavor of unix in the world. I discovered that emacs has viper mode, along with the vimpulse library that completes it as a better emulation of vi within emacs.

Without entering the flaming arena of the endless war between vi and emacs, I should tangentially mention that I’m impressed by the power of both. I should admit that I was surprised and almost seduced by the convenience of the vi(m) shortcuts. Although not in my muscle memory, they feel very straight forward. Many movements and deletions that I know already how to do in emacs seem temptingly faster with the vi approach despite its unintuitive modal ways. In the other hand the plasticity (and grandness) of emacs to make possible so much variations to adapt itself amazes me in a reassuring and convincing way.
I don’t know how long this hybrid approach will last and how much of both worlds are possible to conciliate For the training and exploration experience I’m impressed with these libraries which allow me to keep the main customized features of the emacs environment I had arranged in the last three years and like so much (such as iswitchb, org-mode, the navigation and handling of split windows, etc).