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I finally got it on how to alter the combination of ALT + (backtick|tilde) keys (the backtick is the one above the tab key), which Ubuntu Oniric Ocelot (11.10) assigned to a new functionality for flipping through windows in the switcher. This system shortcut could surely come as a nasty surprise when you upgrade from version 10.xx, turning unusable whatever command you might had bond in your applications. My emacs setup specially does make a lot of use of these two keys, so I wanted to thank the guy and record his solution found as a response buried in this support thread
Simply all it takes for disabling the default hotkeys is to:
1) get the CompizConfig Setting Manager
"sudo apt-get install config-editor" (it does not come included in Ubuntu Ocelot 11.10)
2) bring it up, (typing “CCSM” in your terminal)
3) look under Desktop -> Ubuntu Unity Plugin -> Switcher
resetting ALT+`
4) pick the last two shown there, and create a key combination for them (which very non-intuitively appear listed as “disabled”). The functions in question are:
:: key to flip through windows in the switcher
:: key to flip through windows in the switcher backwards
(note how in this case I had already set them to C-Alt 7 and C-Alt 8)

Yeah, it’s over babe, we’re back in business!