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I got a new laptop, which is using Windows 7 with a configuration that allows me to commute between English and Spanish keyboards. I struggled a bit until could solve what was impeding me to use shortcuts in the same setup I had for emacs, customized with many key-bindings that couldn’t work properly with the apostrophe key. It turned out that I had unknowingly chosen the US-international keyboard for the English version. This option has “dead keys’ something that also explained why quotes wouldn’t get inserted until another character or the space bar was pressed.

On a computer, the dead key temporarily changes the mapping of the keyboard for the next keystroke, so instead of the normal letter, a precomposed variant of it with the appropriate diacritic is generated.

The solution, of course, came simply after choosing the “US-layout” over the US-International keyboard option.

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  1. Thanks! helped a lot 🙂 Still relevant today even on windows 10

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