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My quick guide for checkboxes
I like them but can easily forget about the simplest detail of their creation and use:

  • to create checkboxes use “[0/0]” or “[0%]” ( both can also be together in any order)
  • doing “C-#” recalculates the counts (updates the checkbox statistics)
  • add a “- [ ]” (dash space left-braket space right-bracket) at the beginning to create a checkbox item
  • new items can be created from there doing “S-M RET” (before, or after depending on whether cursor was at the beginning or end of item)
  • doing “C-c C-c” you can toggle check marck on/off
  • with “C-x-b” toggle checkbox at point, which according to the online manual works like the following:
    • If there is an active region, toggle the first checkbox in the region and set all remaining boxes to the same status as the first. If you want to toggle all boxes in the region independently, use a prefix argument.
    • If the cursor is in a headline, toggle checkboxes in the region between this headline and the next (so not the entire subtree).
    • If there is no active region, just toggle the checkbox at point.
    • ( this is found at )
** My quick guide for checkboxes [2/3] [66%]
This is a small sample
- [ ] item 1
- [X] item 2
- [X] item 3 which containes 4 sub items
    * sub item 3.1
    * sub item 3.2
    * sub item 3.3
    * ( see more at )


  1. I am trying to use Org-mode check boxes and so far I remain confused. I’ve probably screwed something up in my emacs init.

    Regardless, I believe you mean to say in bullet 3, “(dash space left-bracket space right-bracket)” rather than what you put there.


  2. Heh heh… I have long had org-mode working though my use of it is fairly simple. The problem I was having turned out to be me being way to clever for myself. I was trying to put *’s at the beginning of the checkbox line. As a result C-c C-c wouldn’t work at all. Take the *’s away and it all works.

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