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This is more of quick reminder for myself on the difficult task of escaping quotes and running an awk or sed command inside the bash command line. I solved the issue in my case using the octal representation of a single quote (\47), taken from here, where more options are shown.

Having previously accommodated the list of stale links with their replacements in a two columns format that looked like:

I used the following:

awk '{print "UPDATE library SET url=\47"$2"\47 WHERE url=\47"$1"\47;"}' 

to correctly generated what I wanted sql-postgres statements to update the links table:

UPDATE links SET url='' WHERE url='';

One Comment

  1. You can stop your string and just add in whatever you like to a command, e.g.

    awk ‘{print “UPDATE library SET url=”‘\”$2″‘ # etc …

    No need for octals, then just start the string again after the shell escape.

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