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I wanted this so bad …
that is, basically retrieving a file at a particular revision point to the screen. By redirecting it to a file (toView.css, in this case) I can later run the diff-buffer (or diff-files) in emacs to see what was changed.

svn cat -r 3087  t/tmpl/src/css/general.css > general_at_3087.css

Note that prior to that, in order to know what revision point to pull out, I simply ran an svn log command for the file:

svn log -v t/tmpl/src/css/general.css

Another very useful one:
On how to see changes made by specific user:

svn log | sed -n '/username/,/-----$/ p' 

In order to see svn entries in reverse order (from last to older) as this is what I need most of the time. In this case the last 20:

svn -v --limit 20 log

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